The great spiritual teacher – Alan Watts

Alan Watts


In this post I want to share a bit of wisdom regarding the teachings of zen and why being conscious of this part can elevate your life.

But to do that, I’ll have to share to you some info about a great spiritual teacher named Alan Watts.

So, who is this Alan Watts?

Well, he’s a british philosopher and writer, known especially for popularizing the oriental philosophy among Europeans.

He wrote over 25 books and articles with important subjects for the eastern and western religions, being the author of the book named “The Way of Zen” (Best Seller) in which Alan Watts explains the principles and practices of this ancient religion.

Here’s a video in which he talks about subjects that just by listening to them, your consciousness elevates, and those are:

  • What life really is in its essence.
  • Who you really are
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of death

I hope that, by the end of watching this video you will feel inspired and more adventurous.

In the future we’ll write more about his philosophy and talks, but we’ll leave you with this for now.

Author: Axentioi Alexandru

Welcome to our new blog!

Hello there ! We’ve decided to join the rest of the universe and start a blog.

Why ?

We’re not sure but we’re going to try and help out by posting stuff that will inspire you to grow and develop yourselves, interesting and inspiring stories and facts about technology, science, self development, healthy lifestyle and other so we’re going to give it a try.
We’ll see how it goes !
For now, Hello World, we’re here !
And to conclude our first post we’re going to give you a quiz, don’t worry, it’s not a hard one.
Pop quiz: Which of these do you agree with?

  1. Intelligence is fixed at birth.
  2. Some people are creative, others aren’t.
  3. You can become a world-class expert through enough practice, whatever your starting point.
  4. You can change your personality.

If you agreed with the first two statements, you’re coming from a fixed mindset and you need to change that if you want to grow into a better you. If you agreed with the second two, you’ve got a growth mindset.


No matter of what you chose, let us tell you that you’ve come to the right place.
BroadcastingMinds is here to help you .

Authors: Andrei Triș & Axentioi Alexandru