The Big Question- Marea întrebare pe care ne-o punem toți

Multe minti luminate ale omenirii s-au intrebat ce e omul si la ce foloseste el, ba as putea spune ca aceasta intrebare s-a pus chiar de la facerea lumii, cand insusi sau insasi Dumnezeu s-a intrebat in anticipo, el stiind tot, si ce va sa vie si ce nu: Ce poa’ sa fie omul? Nu stiu exact, a zis El. Ia sa fac eu vreo doi.


Asa i-a zamislit pe cei doi oligofreni, Adam si Eva.

Nu stiu daca era zi sau noapte cand s-a intrebat Supercreatorul, cert este ca cei doi idioti l-au enervat atat de rau incat a trebuit sa recurga la gesturi si vorbe extreme: Iesiti dracului din gradina mea! Sa nu va mai vad. Dar-ar bolile si ciuma in voi si nefericirea si s


upararea si…si moartea. Na! Intelegem in prima faza ca omul nu a fost ceva care sa aduca vreo bucurie, din contra, a fost o dezamagire crunta.

Pe urma, multi oameni s-au intrebat ce dracului e omul si au dat multe raspunsuri, niciunul satisfacator din moment ce inca ne intrebam.


Se pare ca Platon a dat startul definitiilor tembele. A baut el intr-o seara mai mult decat trebuia si a zis: Stiu ce dracului e omul! Omul e un animal biped fara pene. E un raspuns dezamagitor, nu se poate ca omul alungat, sa fie inca atat de putin,nu ?
Diogene din Sinope, discipolul lui Antitestene( Aristotel) (coleg de scoala cu Platon, ambii discipoli ai lui Socrate) il tachina, dimpreuna cu maestrul sau, Antistene, pe capatanosul de Platon.* Diogene a gasit atat de ridicola definitia lui Platon ca a aruncat un cocos jumulit in plina piata, tipand: Iata-l pe omul lui Platon!


Cu toate acestea, am gasit zilele trecute un raspuns care ma multumeste nespus.
Zilele trecute am terminat de citit “Hocus Pocus” de Kurt Vonnegut, carte in care scria negru pe alb: Oamenii sunt biete hoteluri de tranzit pentru microbi, mai mult decat satisfacator.

Problem solved. Case closed. :)) 

By Smith

Sursa imagine:

10 skills to learn before turning 24

The age 24 is a fun time in your life.

You’re likely out of college, maybe for a couple of years, meeting new people, and getting your feet wet in the real world.

But it’s also an important time because around age 24, you have unquestionably entered adulthood and your choices could influence the rest of your life.

So here are a few skills I think we should all have before turning 24.

Become a master salesperson of yourself.

“Sales is the basis of all business success. You are always selling, even if your role does not include sales in the job description. You sell during marketing activities, team meetings, customer service, product management, conferences, business development, engineering, user experience and more. A solid foundation in how to sell can give you a wide advantage over your colleagues and competitors.” — Anonymous

Get out of your comfort zone.

“Get real world experience. Start businesses, talk to people, ask a pretty girl out, go skydiving, become good at small talk and for the love of god don’t take yourself too seriously.” — Christian Pretorius

Get very good at one thing.

“Your job, photoshop, singing, dancing, whistling, so that if the worst happens, and you get kicked out of your job and house and friends are done using you, you can still earn your livelihood by freelancing… (even whistling will do — you can roam on roads asking couples to dedicate songs to each other and they will pay you – tried and tested).” — Rohit Mishra

Learn how to code.

“Learning to code is one of the most important skills any 24-year-old should acquire. It goes for people who have nothing to do with technology. In fact, the younger generation is already mastering technology better than us adults and learning coding in days. Kids nowadays have tablets, smartphones and other tech gadgets. Learning to code is an important tool that can be used for future development of a person. Everybody knows how to read and write and so they should know to code as well.” — Maria Antsuk

Fall in love.

“Yes, fall in love as love is the purest of all emotion and what is more beautiful than love? If you have not fallen in love, you have undoubtedly missed a vital emotion/feeling in the world.” — Karan Jaiswani

Learn how to meditate.

“In today’s world of distraction, this is the only tool to keep oneself focused. It has been proven by research that twenty minutes of meditation is equivalent to two hours of sleep. It’s like homeopathy; takes time to act but is worthy in the long run. But it’s a complex process and you really need a very strong determination to practice it.” — Sanjay Kadel, Realist

Travel more.

“Create a passion to travel around the world. Traveling teaches you different walks of life. Explore Africa if you are in the West. Explore Canada during winters if you are in a temperate climate. You will get a feel of life on earth and develop a loving sense and meet new people.” — Anonymous

Invest in personal growth.

“Don’t watch TV and stop fooling around, read as many books as you can, go to seminars. Always increase your value, because we get paid about our value, what we bring to the marketplace. So if you become more valuable then … exactly, you get more paid.” — Janis Butevics, 23 year old Entrepreneur & Author, Creator of Awake or Be Slaved

Stop worrying all the time.

“Worrying is a useless energy sucker. Your life and circumstances will not change by worrying. Only planning and actions will lead you to where you want to be in your life. Experiencing life and the world with a carefree yet organized attitude while at the same time taking care of your health and feeding your mind with knowledge, that could benefit you in the future. Enjoy the present and always keep your eye on progress.” — Deme Alexis

Start saving money.

“Whether you’re working for someone else or for yourself, you need to save your money now. Compound interest can make you a millionaire in 20 years time, simply by putting away a really small amount of money consistently every month. With a degree you can earn more, put away more money and become a millionaire sooner.” — Stefan Stoman

How to stay focused

How to stay focused


Have you ever desired to do anything in your life but had a consistent feeling of lacking something essential so you couldn’t achieve your desire?

Well, that feeling of lack can be many things but it usually is a lack of focus.

Think about it.

Lack of focus is the most common killer of making thingS happen.

Whenever you decide to work on a project, you are starting it and after 20-30 minutes someone calls you on your phone, or maybe you’ve received an interesting e-mail from someone you know, what about Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat?… etc.

There are many things that you could do anytime and anywhere but doing everything that’s not important for you, will only get you distracted.

So, let’s get into how to actually get to stay focused.

  1. Focus as a practice:

Focus can be trained like any other muscle and meditation is the best way to practice focus and that’s because you can literally do it anytime, anywhere. It’s important to find some time daily to meditate for at least 5 minutes a day if you want to get into the habit of being more focused.

Here’s how I do it: 

Usually, I meditate in the morning after waking up by closing my eyes and turning my focus to my breath and then start counting my inhale and exhale. After doing this for at least 4-5 minutes, my mind is serene and ready to start doing things.

    2. Turn off your distractions

Just close your phone if you know that you’re going to get messages and if you’re going to be distracted by facebook messages or others.

As simple as it sounds, it’s more complicated than it actually is, right?

That’s because it is already in your habit to have the phone besides you or you’re already in the habit of checking facebook every once in a while.

These kinds of habits are eating away your energy and focus.

They do nothing more but waste your focus and energy, you can always make time for facebook or other people, but you’ve got to limit that time to stay focused on what you really desire.

    3. The rule of “three”

Always plan your day ahead with a rule of three, meaning that you’ve always got three most important things to achieve in that day.

The best way to do this is with a piece of paper and a pen.

Just write down all the things that you’ve gotta do in that day and then choose three most important things to achieve, take that paper with you wherever you go and always start with the hardest thing from that list.

After practicing this for a while, you’ll get to know how much you can achieve in one day and you’ll see changes in your behavior and productivity.

4. Kill multi-tasking

Multi-tasking can really hurt your productivity and focus.

I hear a lot of my friends saying “I can multi-task easily, I do it all the time!”


You simply can’t multi-task, your brain isn’t made for that, there are many researches and resources that tried to explain this and the most powerful and resourceful one is a bestseller book – ” The One Thing – Gary W. Keller ”  in which the author also stated that: “Multitasking is a lie”.

5. Build a mindset for focus

Many successful entrepreneurs and scientists have found out that by having a special mindset, you can literally achieve anything that you want to achieve.

     “I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart
like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain
unfolding to success… Such emotions make a man forget
food, sleep, friends, love, everything.”

~ Nikola Tesla

Can you see the pattern here?

Always have in mind what you want to achieve, but have it in your mind because by achieving it, you’re fulfilling your purpose and you get to  feel something better than anything else.

Alright guys, I’ll end it here, but if you want to research more about the subject, here are some sources that might assist you:

11 Steps to Insane Focus: Do More of What Matters

Author: Axentioi Alexandru

3 Signs that YOU might become rich one day


Are you going to be rich one day?

In a nutshell, by simplifying the way you think about money, you can find out whether you are ment to be successful or not. But to get to actually know this in your mind, you’ve got to follow the signs that surround you.

Therefore, Here are three powerful signs that might confirm the fact that you are going to be successful one day:
  1. Speed of implementation
  2. Ability to take action when you feel uncertain
  3. How much you value your time

I dare you to follow me up on this one.

If you do not think that you have those traits, I also dare you to try to implement them into your life just to test it out because these traits will make you successful, there’s no doubt about it because its modeled after billionaires and successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Henry Ford and many others.

Now, let’s talk about those three traits.

1. Speed of implementation

This basically means that whenever a new idea comes, you are the person that takes action immediately by working on it as fast as you can and achieve results FAST in your life.

Think about this, let’s say that you run a business on the internet and you need to find ways to grow up your publicity and marketing aswell, you buy a book about it, you read it and you get the snippet that you need from the book(the golden nugget) and then immediately apply it to your business.

By doing that you’ve expanded your business and made it more relevant to the world.

This can be applied to any area of your life, not only online marketing.

So, whenever you learn something new, immediately do it.

2. THe ability to take action when you feel uncertain

Many successful people felt unsure about things, either it’s about investing in something that’s not certain that will bring you success in your life.

But they actually cracked the code, and that is: “Nothing is 100% certain.”

I bet that you can agree with me here.

Here I want to introduce to you a person named Tony Robbins, he’s an motivational entrepreneur, financial personal instructor and the author of books for self-development like a best-seller “Awaken the Giant Within”.

Here’s what he has to say about success:

“Success is determined by the amount of uncertainty that you can handle” -Tony Robbins

Therefore, successful people can handle uncertainty.

Whenever you’re uncertain about something, just pull the trigger to find out if it really works or not, don’t waste your time thinking it out, just do it.

If you end up failing, you’ll learn from it. 


The last sign is that you actually value your time so much that you do not waste it on watching TV when you get home or go partying and other stuff related to throwing your time away.

It’s normal for people to relax and have some time off after work but successful people plan this part, they don’t chill everyday, if you’re chill that means that you’re producing something while you’re relaxing.

To be more prompt about this.

Successful people don’t waste their time watching TV, reading the news or other bull**** that aren’t relevant to their dream life.

They’re constantly grinding, working for their dream and that’s quite the opposite of what normal people are doing right now.

You might think that its actually crazy…


Alright, I’ll end it here, but if you wish to find out more about those subjects, here are some great resources that you can follow: – Awaken the Giant Within

Author: Axentioi Alexandru