Fake it until you make it!

fake it until you make it

There are many ways of becoming something else and experience something new but the best and the fastest way to become something new is to fake it until you make it!

This is more like a “use your body to trick your mind” kind of exercise and it can be proven to be really useful in many areas of your life, especially the professional one.

It can easily be associated with being an actor in your life, but acting is becoming and constant becoming is followed by being.


Let’s imagine that you must give a speech and you are very afraid of public speaking, if you can trick your body into being a great public speaker and actually do it, that experience will add up into your mind.

Therefore, with time you won’t even have to think about faking it because you’ve already become a great public speaker by then.

Many successful entrepreneurs are aware of this already and they are now using it every time they do something new, that’s just a hack in how they keep their confidence up almost all the time.

If you want to find out more about this subject, here’s a great Ted Talk that can help you.